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3T Philips Achieva MRI scanner
MRI exam are carried out on a Philips Achieva 3T whole-body scanner which is fully dedicated to the research. The scanner is equipped with Philips 8-channel and 32-channel head coils as well as wrap-around surface coils. Peripheral equipment includes LCD front- and backprojection systems, fibre-optic response boxes, and equipment for the recording of peripheral physiology (such as heart rate).
128 channel EGI's MR-compatible EEG Systems
EGI's magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) compatible EEG system is a whole head EEG product that works within the MR environment. By taking EGI's low-profile, high-density EEG into the MRI scanner, you can take advantage of MRIâ??s high spatial resolution and EEGâ??s high temporal resolution to record brain activity more completely.
This system can be used for simultaneous EEG-fMRI recordings.
The 128 channels provide full scalp coverage with relatively high spatial resolution data.

ESys fMRI System
ESys fMRI is the third generation solution by Invivo for functional MR imaging featuring clinically-validated experiment paradigms. The paradigm suite includes a battery of clinical fMRI tasks that provide proven activation of the motor, visual, auditory and language regions of the brain. The paradigms are easy for patients to perform and they simplify scanning for technologists. ESys fMRI also provides new experiment designs via its E-Prime design suite. Included are a graphical experiment design environment, a general purpose scripting language, a real time experimental presentation engine with millisecond precision, and tools to view, filter, analyze, edit and export behavioral results.


Cluster 176 CPU Cores 470 Gb RAM
Grid Engine is used on a computer farm and is responsible for accepting, scheduling, dispatching, and managing the remote and distributed execution of large numbers of standalone, parallel or interactive user jobs. It also manages and schedules the allocation of distributed resources such as processors and memory

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